Dada Towel Warmers

The the result of the synergy between the consolidated know-how of the manufacturer and the creativity of Marco Poletti, a collection by Design previously unseen and not only of geometric inspiration, but also emotional.

The collection through a special modular system with three heights (60 cm; 120 cm; 180 cm) and the combination of the different elements and decorative and material variations, interprets a radiator that may no longer be considered as just a heating element, but as a stylish furnishing element personalized in the aesthetics and functions.
Metal and marble, glass and resin, lights and colours, words and numbers are a few of the proposals that through the three solutions, “Full”, “Empty”, and “Filled”, not only allow a personalized product, but also one that stands out with strong emotions.

Available from Aladecor Interior Design, Marbella

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