Bespoke Custom Furniture available from Aladecor Interior Design, Marbella.

At Aladecor Interior Design, our passion is our driving force, the creation of beautiful handcrafted sofas, chairs, stools headboards and much much more… Produced from the finest fabrics and materials, for a modern way of life.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a service that is tailored, experienced and thorough: quality & attention to detail define who we are. We strive to set new standards in delivering impeccable quality and uncompromising attention to detail in both service and design.

Our bespoke custom covered furniture designs are aimed at the discerning customer looking for sleek sophistication and classic elegance.

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Many items in the Aladecor range of bespoke custom covered furniture can be supplied with tailored loose covers or fully upholstered in your choice of fabric. Aladecor have an extensive range of fabrics available from the top designers around the world.

If you require your existing furniture to be re-upholstered, Aladecor offer a full bespoke re-upholstery service and can provide a full re-upholstery service or tailored loose covers to suit any decor.

As a very small example of the extensive range of colourways and materials available, hover your mouse over the colours on the right to see just a few of the options available…

Aladecor Interior Design Marbella have many options for bespoke custom covered furniture, including Classic Bespoke Covered Sofas, Modern Bespoke Covered Sofas, Classic Bespoke Covered Chairs, Modern Bespoke Covered Chairs, Classic Bespoke Covered Pouffes & Footstools, Modern Bespoke Covered Pouffes & Footstools, Classic Bespoke Covered Dining Chairs, Modern Bespoke Covered Dining Chairs, Classic Bespoke Covered Headboards, Modern Bespoke Covered Headboards to name just a few of the options available.

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